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Process payroll in 10 minutes or less

Red Pill Technologies recommends Push Operations as a payroll software

Why Push for Payroll?

The fully integrated and cloud-based payroll software makes it easy to stay on top of every aspect of your payroll. Save time with smart automations, automated payroll calculations, deductions, and data transfers.

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Automate key elements including tax and holiday pay deductions
  • Integrates with some of your favourite accounting software
  • Flexible and integrated - use as a stand-alone feature or use in the Push 'all-in-one' employee management suite


  • Run payroll in minutes
  • Schedule smarter with labor cost tracking and forecasts
  • Automate and integrate payroll processes
  • Real-time insights and reporting

Why Push?

  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Comprehensive range of features
  • Costs effectiveness
  • The people and support at Push are great to work with


Save an average 6 hours a week

Save 3% on labor costs

Run payroll in 1o minutes




Businesses using Push software:

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Our system also automates tedious payroll calculations to easily pay your staff, government remittances and generate payroll slips like paystubs, T4, ROE’s and more. 

Per Employee

Per Month


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